Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pre step 1: Rubik's Cube

So I'm going to start with teaching the Rubik's Cube. Although what I'm saying may seem REALLY complicated, just try to follow along. You might be thinking that each side will be identified by it's color, but they will be mostly identified by how you are holding the cube- the front, up (top), down (bottom), front, left, and right sides. You use the sides to make moves, so if I say up (U), you turn the up side clockwise. If I say up inverted (Ui), turn the up side counter-clockwise (if it helps to learn the moves, move the cube to face your way to see which way to turn it). That will basically make up your algorithms. If you start practicing these moves, the video will be a breeze.

Still working on the video for next week

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