Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pre step 1: Rubik's Cube

So I'm going to start with teaching the Rubik's Cube. Although what I'm saying may seem REALLY complicated, just try to follow along. You might be thinking that each side will be identified by it's color, but they will be mostly identified by how you are holding the cube- the front, up (top), down (bottom), front, left, and right sides. You use the sides to make moves, so if I say up (U), you turn the up side clockwise. If I say up inverted (Ui), turn the up side counter-clockwise (if it helps to learn the moves, move the cube to face your way to see which way to turn it). That will basically make up your algorithms. If you start practicing these moves, the video will be a breeze.

Still working on the video for next week

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Very beginning of solving the Rubik's Cube

You should work with your Rubik's Cube for at least an hour if you want to be able to follow the video without problems. Just work on making one side for now, and when you think about the colors of the cube, think of them as seperate cubes, not stickers (for example, look at the whole piece that you have, like that the same pieces that you use to make the first side are the same pieces for the first row, they just share stickers). So just keep working with the cube for now, and just see where you can get.

Still working on the video for next week.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Some cool websites

I have found a bunch of cool websites, try them out. It's a Google custom search engine that has a black screen to save energy. find out website ratings and popularity. Enter a dollar bill's year and serial number to find out where it's been and where it goes after that (you have to be VERY patient though).

I can't really think of any more at the moment, but if I remember, I will put them on later posts. If you know a cool website, put it in the comment box and I'll check it out.

Next week: The basics to solving a rubik's cube (will most likely be done by the 4th of July)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey Guys,
I'm new to blogging and unfamiliar to it. If there is any requests for anything you want me to post about just leave a comment in the comment box. I have a lot of cool things to write (and show) about, and I know you will love them- my friends did.


Next Week: The basics to solving a rubik's cube