Saturday, August 28, 2010

My new iPod touch

So I hot my new iPod touch on Tuesday and I love it! It is so great with 32gb. A word of advice from me, spend the extra $20 or so to get double the space. The new third generation doesn't have much difference than the second generation so if u wanna get the most out of your money, get a higher gb second generation and update the program regularly.

Monday, August 23, 2010

John Tesh is the man

Looking for good shows on the radio? Look and see if you can find John Tesh on a radio station that you can pick up. John Tesh does a radio show called "Intelligence for Your Life" and the show has great, random information to help you live better. A lot of the stuff he does on there is saving money or news topics that he finds interesting. But what makes his radio show cool, is that he states how you can benefit someone else or yourself through the information. Check it out at the link that I have attached here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Instead of the PS3 or Xbox 360...

I decided that I'm going to get a 3rd generation ipod touch. I even got it for 32gb which will be ALOT for someone like me. But I'm sure that the space will come in handy. This is what I got for the money I made for pulling weeds in a soybean field.

Cool thing I found, it's a calculator that calculates your age in days (I found out that I turned 5,000 days old 3 days ago). Heres the link:

If there are any cool apps that I should get, reply in the comment box and I'll check them out.